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Anger in the Life of the Christian  Daniel C. Sartor, Ph.D.

Beauty From Broken Glass          Mary Beth Berry, M.A.

Be Still                                         Summers McMurray, Psy.D.

Connect First                               James T. Berry, Ph.D.

For The Birds                               Sharon Sitler, M.A.

Forgiveness: Feelings                 Richard Petsch, M.S.
or Choice

Freedom by Forgiveness             James T. Berry, Ph.D.

Guarding Our Soul Freedom        James T. Berry, Ph.D.

God, Children, & ADHD                Sharon Sitler, M.A.

Good News for Anxiety Sufferers  Vicky Baity, L.C.S.W.

How's Your Sleep?                        Gretchen Fromke, M.S.

Joyful Surprises                            Mary Beth Berry, M.A.

Life Transitions                             Sharon Sitler, M.A.

Marriage Helpers                          James T. Berry, Ph.D.

Meditations of the Heart                James T. Berry, Ph.D.

Miserable People                          James T. Berry, Ph.D.

Power of Intimacy                         Ed Moore. M.A.

Powerful Expectations                   T.L. Holt, M.A.

Spiderwebs                                   Sharon Sitler, M.A.