Miserable People
  Miserable People by James T. Berry, Ph.D.

Have you spent time around a miserable person lately?  It’s not too much fun for me.  I suppose that if I
were a miserable person myself, I might enjoy the company of another miserable person.  I am not
talking about the normal misery, suffering, or disillusionment that all of us feel and face periodically in
life.  I am talking about people who seem bent on being chronically miserable no matter the
circumstances.  I remember being amazed as I worked in a warehouse with co-workers who searched
for the black linings in their silver clouds.  There was no pleasing them because they seemed addicted to
doom, complaints, and negativity.  
I will attempt to identify the three foundations of misery; identify several ways to cope with miserable
persons in one’s life; and offer a few suggestions in case you happen to be a miserable person yourself.  
The first foundation of be