Marisha Robinson, LMSW



  • Couple & Family Therapy

  • Individual therapy for ages 16 & up

  • Couples / Individuals Recovering from Infidelity / Sexual Addiction

  • Post-Abortive Women and Men

  • Adjustment to Chronic or Terminal Illness

  • Parenting Difficulties

Marisha Robinson is a Licensed Master’s Social Worker, in supervision working towards being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She received her master's degree from the University of Tennessee. Her primary specialization is working with couples or individuals whose marriages are in crisis, specifically those who are facing infidelity or sexual addiction. She provides workshops and groups called Restoring Hearts for women who have experienced sexual betrayal in the context of marriage. Other main areas of specialization with clients include healthy boundary-setting, post-abortive issues, narcissism, spiritual/faith/theological struggles, and parenting issues.

Marisha and her husband, Roby, have lived in Knoxville since 2002 and have two children. They attend Two Rivers Church, where they lead a growth group and are also involved with the ministry of Deeper Still. In addition to her work, friends, and family, Marisha enjoys restorative yoga, holistic nutrition, playing the piano, singing and being outside.