We offer a variety of services for individuals who are interested in pursuing counseling services at Ebenezer Counseling Services. Our counselors work with a wide range of people and we offer services for a variety of issues.

Marriages & Couples

Marriage counseling, or couples counseling, has as its ultimate goal the healing, strengthening and development of healthy marriages. Marriage therapy is for any couple that may be going through a difficult season and needs some help to work out their problems. It is also for those couples who marriage is overall doing well, and could just use a tune-up or some enrichment. Couples counseling is also for those who are preparing for marriage and want to lay a strong foundation. 

Children & Adolescents

A number of our counselors specialize in working with children and adolescents. There are any number of reasons that parents may be concerned for their children and bring them into for counseling. The most common issues that we work with at Ebenezer are problems in school, difficulty at home, attention problems, as well as helping young people cope with trauma or abuse.

We do have a unique set of policies for counseling with children and adolescents, you can read about those policies here.

Restoring INtegrity 

Restoring Integrity is a recovery group for men overcoming sexual addiction. The mission is to promote spiritual transformation in men who are recovering from sexual addiction in a confidential environment through relational support, accountability, and education.