We are Excited to be on this journey with you

This page will help guide you as you start your journey towards strengthen and healing with us at Ebenezer. Here you will find information; on how to choose a therapist, fees and insurance, policies for working with children and minors, as well as the paperwork that you will need. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions, or if you are ready to schedule your first appointment. 

Finding a Therapist 

Choosing a therapist is a complex process. Besides things to consider such as fee, insurance, specialization, gender, or age, you will want to find a therapist you can connect well with. This connection is hard to measure. Some counselor are logical and organized, working from well-defined plans; others are more interested in the intangibles. Some counselor talk more, some less. Some direct and attempt to influence; others attempt to get you to find direction. Some will use spiritual disciplines such as prayer and scripture regularly; others will more quietly work from their Christian worldview.

By looking over our counselors’ bios and pages here you may start to determine who may be a good fit. On that page you can find more about our counselors, what they specialize in, as well as how they do therapy. Our office staff can also help you to determine which counselor may be the most helpful to you. Ultimately, you will have a sense of goodness of fit after spending time with your counselor. If you find that the fit is not good enough, do not hesitate to ask for a change either directly with your counselor or with the office staff. This does happen periodically. We are accustomed to it and will not be offended. Ultimately, It is very important for you to feel free to trust your soul/self with your counselor. If you feel you cannot, then you are better off changing earlier rather than later.


Fees and Insurance

Our counselor have all invested significantly in order to complete their training, and gain the experience needed to best help you. The fee that you pay per session helps our therapists to provide for themselves, as well as to help keep ebenezer open. Ebenezer sets the fees for therapists based on several factors including level of education, credentials, and years of experience. 

Some of our therapists are able to bill insurance and our office staff will be able to tell you which of our therapists bill insurance. Ebenezer is an out-of-network provider, so your insurance will pay claims based upon the out-of-network schedule of benefits. Ebenezer will handle all of the insurance billing for you if your therapist is able to bill insurance. 

We accept cash, check, debit and credit cars, as well as payments with a health savings account (HSA) card. We ask that payment is made at the time of service. 

Working with Children and Adolescents 

Though we will work with clients of any age we have certain policies based on the age of the client, as well as if the client's parents are married or divorced. You can read more about our policies for working with children and adolescents here.

Forms and Paperwork 

Before you are meet with your therapist there is paperwork that you will need to fill out. You can either come 20 minutes early for your first session and fill it out then, or navigate to this page to download the paperwork packet. You can print it out at home and bring it in with you. 

Final Steps

When you're ready to schedule your first session, or if you have any question or need any other information please go to our contact page.